Québec Systèmes Inc.

Muzee IFun

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The unique patent combining software in USB Drive.
Automatically updates stations onsite without monthly fee.
Automatic 24-hour quality monitoring.

Internet Games
Select the game easily by looking the pictures of each game.
Easily play by instructions.
You can see hints and description of the games just by a click.

Internet Videos
Automatically updates programs.
Categorized into Region, Genre and Language.

Rich and various contents with clear identify.
The films can be played in series without interrupted.

Internet Radio Stations
Worldwide and plentiful radio stations.
Categorized into Region, Genre and Language.
Enjoying CD audio quality.

Internet TV Channels
Enjoying your favorite TV programs with a simple click.
User friendly interface.
Web 2.0 Dynamic voting systems; recommend the best stations.

Supplementary Service
Instant record function for enjoying all your favorite programs.
Personal and customized platform with friendly functions for recording user behavior into My Favorites.

CPU 1 GHz or above
Display/Resolution standard screen : 1280 x 1024 wide screen : 1280 x 800
Memory 1GB or above
USB USB 2.0 or above
Browser IE6 or above
Operating System Windows XP SP2 or above/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
Windows Media Player Version 9 or above
Adobe Flash Player Version 10 or above
Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 9 or above
Networking Radio: approx. 99% Internet Radio stations played upon 0.2 Mbps bandwidth. T V : approx. 80% Internet TV stations played upon 0.4 Mbps bandwidth.
Free Hard disk Space 10MB or above
Compliant by CE / FCC / RoHS


Muzee IFun

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